Sarah Gray

Past Speaking Engagements

Past speaking engagements include:


Sarah Gray is the author of the award-winning, Washington Post bestseller, A Life Everlasting: The Extraordinary Story of One Boys Gift to Medical Science. Her work and her family's story has been featured on CNN, WNYC's RadioLab, The Moth RadioHour, TED Talk of the Day, The Associated Press, Science Magazine, Reader's Digest, The Atlantic and other major media outlets. Sarah Gray is an organ, eye, tissue, and blood donation advocate and regularly speaks around the country.


See my TED Talk (10:17)

See my The Moth talk (13:10)


Speaking Engagement Feedback:

"No words could express how truly grateful we are to you!! If your ears were ringing, it is because you left a ripple effect and many are still singing your praises and so appreciative of your message." - Event Organizer

"Thank you so much for coming to our facility. Numerous attendees have told me how amazing the talk was and what an inspiration you are." - Event Organizer

"Thanks so much Sarah. It was such an honor to have you here. I can't stop talking about how incredible and moving your talk." - Event Organizer

“I absolutely loved it!!! This was a very moving topic. Made me feel good about research possibilities.” - Attendee

"One of my favorite moments from the conference." -Attendee

"Sarah, you could not have been more compelling. Thank you for opening up an entirely new world for me. " - Attendee

"Ms. Gray's presentation was among the most compelling I have ever seen. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it or her." - Attendee

"Need more sessions like this. Packed an emotional punch." – Attendee